Lunar Eclipse

Originally it was just a chance to escape to Raquette Lake and hang out with my Dad and step-mother.  I was more than happy to join them for a weekend in the woods while they sought to escape the chaos caused by Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia.  To my delight the weekend coincided with the full lunar eclipse and even though the clouds eventually took over, I was able to see the eclipse become total.

As I watched the eclipse I remembered that it was more than just a pretty nifty astronomical event.  Lunar eclipses  were one of the first proofs that the earth was round.  I couldn’t remember who made that determination so I did a quick google search. The Greek philosopher Anaxagoras determined the cause of solar and lunar eclipses sometime between 500-430 BC.

Someday I want to see a total solar eclipse, but that will have to wait, the next total solar eclipse doesn’t occur until April 2024.  Even if it isn’t cloudy it won’t be visible in Pittsburgh; so I will have to travel to see it but I think it would be worth the trip.

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