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Lunar Eclipse

Originally it was just a chance to escape to Raquette Lake and hang out with my Dad and step-mother.  I was more than happy to join them for a weekend in the woods while they sought to escape the chaos caused by Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia.  To my delight the weekend coincided with the full lunar …

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I admit it.  I am a hopeless sucker for waterfalls. When my dad and I visited  Glacier and Yellowstone we sought out every waterfall we could find. I have some pictures that I will add to this site in my copious free time.    Large majestic falls such as the Lower Falls in Yellowstone are wonderful, …

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Cowphin and phame

While working on a web page I was amused to discover one of my creations continuing to spread. My small claim to internet fame is the cowphin. I created this litte image as an avatar for Scott quite a few years ago. It has made guest appearances on sites about swimming pools, an ecigarrette, bio-pharmaceutical, …

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